I Call This Home

Central England: a walk on my common

I live in a semi-rural town just north of Birmingham. I call this home, because this is where my loved ones live and where most of my friends live too. It’s where my roots are.  Travelling to me, means being on the move. Have you ever considered why you like to travel, philosophically I mean? Well for me, I love the sense of being on the move, something I can’t actually put into words, other than I am a restless soul. I love watching and feeling the world pass in front of me,  whether in a plane, yes even though it may be night or by bus, car, train, boat, cycle but best of all on foot. I am at peace with the world when I am travelling. Perhaps I am just an escapist, as simple as that. Below are some photographs of a small common not far from my house. It’s called Gentleshaw Common and there was never a more gentle place to walk.


A brisk winter walk over Gentleshaw Common


My favourite place to sit and muse


I could have sworn I saw a fairy hiding behind this mushroom!


I love this spot, it never changes

Central France: A wander around the Loire: I call this home too

Twelve years ago my partner and I bought a derelict stables to make into a house. We love France and thought it would be great to do it up – a project for our old age. It’s not finished yet but I call this home.  Almost all the work, we have done ourselves and believe me we are not youngsters by any stretch of the imagination. The house is in the Loire Valley. Sancerre (wine region) is our administrative town (how cool is that!). Below are some photos of days out around my town. Now you understand why the house still has no bedrooms!

How on earth can I carry these home? (Autumn in Sury-es-Bois)


The majestic Loire River


A walk on the wild side!


This is Sancerre. It may be a little town at the top of a mountain but it has a big reputation. In the distance is the Loire River

HITACHI Digital Camera
The view from the top of the little town of Sancerre

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lynda Sanders says:

    Fabulous photographs and it serves to show you that “home” can be just as beautiful and interesting as far away places. Really enjoyed it.


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