That’s me: Shirley just writes travel. “Show me a road and I’ll follow it”. My mantra, or to put it another way, I just can’t stand still! Ever since I was child I realised that the only time I am truly content is when I’m on the move. This can be on a shopping trip, on a bus, train to – any where I guess, even work; on a plane to New York, on the back of a motor cycle to Romanian or even walking up Scafell Pike in the Lake District,¬† Dog walkers on my local common know me as a frequent visitor and my love of the Loire Valley knows no bounds. Simply put, I just love to to be on the move!

At the top

As with many people these days, I’ve found that travel gets more and more expensive. You should know I am not a rich person, in fact I’m quite the reverse, so my blogs are all about budget travel, solo adventures and ¬†going it alone as a ‘not so young’ lady. Did you know that the average adventure traveller is a 47 year-old woman? But my blogs are not just for women, they are for everyone who just likes to explore the world. Get out there, do something outside and see how the travel bug gets you too. If you want any advice about travelling solo, just contact me. I’m great at research!