Me travel? Of course!

Like a great many people I love to travel, if only I could afford it! Well, I think it is possible to travel solo on a budget. These blogs will introduce readers to the wonder of travel without going bankrupt. There are still many places out there yet to be explored. Why not join me?


I did this trip to New York for under £1,000 for a week, staying at the Pennsylvania just 5 minutes walk from Times Square. Read my New York blog. The world really is your oyster these days. A good tip: always Google Earth the place you are about to visit and find out as much as you can about your destination. The cross-over bag I am wearing is a ‘city-safe’ bag with zip locks. This was a real boon when I visited the Empire State Building as it was a real crush at the top. Visit the Empire State late a night. It is quiet and the view of the city in lights is superb.

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